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About Us



Russell Stilwell started out by just providing electrical services, but due to regular requests to supply other services on required projects, he gradually built a team of experts and building specialists, who worked to his high standards, in order to offer a professional turnkey service. This enabled RSE Building Services to expand their professional portfolio and service offerings to include more commercial clients and complex projects. Today he is extremely proud to be leading a team who share his committed approach to driving superior quality through the construction and building services industry.


RSE Building Services continue to lead by example and remain agile and focused on improving building solutions. A BIM level 2 accredited business and a pioneer in the most recently available technology in the UK, providing clients with access to game changing, state of the art tooling. We aim to improve on how buildings, infrastructure, and utilities are planned, designed, built, and managed. We will continue to turn information into insight and deliver business value and quality at every step in the process. Your decision to engage our services will set you apart and change the position and strategy of your business in the construction industry. We intend to lead a stern approach to eradicating the preconceptions of hierarchical multidisciplinary team culture that currently exists in the contracting chain and ensure your "link in the chain" is valued, collaborative and priced fairly.


Our mission is to perform detailed and comprehensive planning & design to ensure our partners are able to collaborate efficiently and experience our superior installations with the aid of state of the art software and technology. The entire building project life-cycle will benefit from optimised process whilst reducing risk, enhancing programme and cutting costs.



The management team has created an acronym for our values - POISED which stands for:

  • Professional - Our people are proud to be part of our organisation collaboratively and pro-actively.  Our presentation is always excellent and we always looks to raise the standards bar.
  • One Team - We create a pro-active and collaborative environment, enabling a culture changing team experience for all project stakeholders.  The results achieved are on another level.
  • Innovative - We start with the end in mind and use a feast of tried and tested processes combined with BIM technology, advanced software and the best training available to achieve optimal efficiency and lower risk.  We are therefore confident of what we need to deliver to meet expectations.  We always find a way.
  • Safe - "Think Safe, Be Safe".  The working environment we create through advanced technology and processes sets us apart.  We place the safety of our people, clients and their property at the very heart of the work we deliver.
  • Expertise - We are passionate about being the best we can be in everything we undertake. We share our skills and experience to always deliver. Our work is to an exceptional standard of quality and always on time.
  • Dependable - We are honest, trustworthy and reliable.

Contact us today to discuss what you would like to achieve. 01268 544844.

We are participating as Diamond sponsors of the Lighthouse Club Construction lunch in London on 2nd December and will have an advert placed in the table magazine with a QPR link so wanted to have maximum impact.