Offerings from Within RSE & ReviCAD

Point Cloud Surveys:

3D scanning of virtually any space or matter then transformation of the captured scan data to 3D Revit CAD Modelling software. ReviCAD specialise in providing millimetre perfect measurement of any existing building or new structure, creating a cost efficient and accurate real time foundation for architectural and building services design development.



  • No more tape or laser measures
  • Listed buildings - all architecture maturity shrinkage, warps and curvature features exactly detailed
  • Awkward or unsafe access areas can be easily scanned
  • Detection of any existing building services - saving time on consultant's validation
  • New Build - early architectural/structural certainty, eradicating plus and minus tolerance levels often encountered on drawings vs reality. Once a steel frame for building is constructed and point cloud scanned - the data collected is live and millimetre perfect with no ambiguity!

End To End Design Work Flow - Changing Construction

Our design team offer expert capability in the 3D modelling and information management integration of the entire design cycle:

  • Structural
  • Architectural
  • Building Services
  • Civil Engineering

We can offer you one of these services or all. We offer full collaboration of the design process and enter it into a real time 3D data rich virtual model. We liaise and collaborate carefully with your nominated suppliers and manufacturers ensuring that all structure and equipment is fully co-ordinated.

Research shows that the construction industry holds mixed views in relation to the credibility of 3D modelling and it's benefit. The conversion of expensive Revit engineer time spent at the design stage of a project to construction phase efficiency has proven challenging in the UK as more and more projects adopt the BIM culture.

Not any more if you employ the services of ReviCAD & RSE Building Services

A team who can design and implement your BIM strategy in the very early stage of a project and consult it through to the handover of your O&M manual asset rich model



  • 2016 BIM level 2 compliance
  • Efficient project management - reduced costs
  • Programme optimisation

A team who can provide you with cost precision and certainty from a 3D model

A team who can remove ambiguity in your project through creation of a millimetre perfect fully co-ordinated 3D model ready for construction by the main & specialist contracting trades.


  • Procurement schedules and factory/workshop drawings ready for direct submittal to manufacturers from a 3D model.
  • Provide your project with cost certainty, significant savings and reduced overspend risk.
  • Place setting out Trimble robots on site, creating co-ordination certainty whist optimising the overall efficiency of the construction process.
  • There is a perceived large gap in the conversion/transformation of "nice looking" 3D modelling to onsite installation efficiency which is more time consuming and costly than basic 2D cad work of in the of 3D co-ordination: RSE Building Services and ReviCAD question this perception and welcome you to bring your design challenges here!

In many cases the gap between 3D model creation and on site reality is not bridged.

Revit Modelling

ReviCAD are the UKs top leading 3D modelling and information management specialists.