Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Plugging into a professional service

RSE Building Services are a specialist in electrical services and installation, offering integrated solutions to help make working with electrical systems safer, more reliable, efficient and productive. We have an extensive range of solutions, suitable for medium and low voltage applications. We model and design power distribution systems for AC and DC environments using energy saving principles.

We use BIM to streamline power system design ensuring less disruption and cost to the project and our clients. Our early adoption of BIM involves much more than simply implementing new software as the software greatly enhances our productivity, BIM software, along with our knowledge of electrical service design and installation means we can deliver cutting edge electrical systems.

Our electrical software includes a calculation and design module that collaborates to understand the installation and automatically updates the results. Information can also be extracted from the BIM system to instantly calculate the cost and create a Bill of Materials.Our engineers and support staff are invested in providing the best service and delivery for your project.

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