Fuel Services

Fuel Services

Make sure your generators run

When you have back-up generators you always hope that you won’t need them, but when you do you want to be sure they will fire up and run without any problems. However, what many organisations don’t consider is that, unless the generator fuel is managed properly, it can become completely useless.

At best the generator simply won’t fire up, at worst fuel algae can actually damage the generator requiring expensive replacements.

If you can’t afford to be without power, whether it’s to ensure data isn’t lost, to provide life-saving services or protect vulnerable people, you need to keep your fuel reserves in good condition.

For bio-fuels you can choose to have:

Fuel cleaned every 6-12 months to remove bacteria, algae and diesel bug.

Fuel polishing systems are installed to circulate your fuel and preserve its life for years with minimal maintenance - removing the need to clean every 6-9 months.

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